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88% of US Teens Owns an iPhone: Piper Sandler Survey

According to Piper Sandler, 88% US teens own an iPhone, making it the most popular smartphones among the teens.

A recent study by Piper Sandler suggested that most US teens prefer iPhones over Android phones. This is not a piece of new information since we see every other teen holding an iPhone.

Piper Sandler recently conducted their 41st semi-annual Generation Z survey. More than 7,000 teens participated in the survey. The organization reported that 88% of the US teens own an iPhone, while 90% expect to get one soon.

The report also noted that 33% of teens hold a part-time job. There has been an improvement in their spending to $2,165.

Apple has become more than a smartphone; it’s a status symbol. Then Apple’s iMessage is one of a kind, and most US teens use it as a two-way mode of communication. These are the factors making the iPhone the most preferred smartphone in the country.

According to another survey conducted by Counterpoint in 2020, around 50% of users own an Apple device in North America, followed by Samsung with just about 25%.

iPhone is not only popular in the US but Europe as well. In Europe, 22% of smartphone users own an Apple device. However, the rest of the world is still a big fan of Android-based smartphones, with Samsung taking the lead in many regions, followed by Huawei.