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9 Tips to Make Your Mornings Energised


In case you’re not a morning person, waking up could be a challenging task for you. However, how you sleep and eat before bed, what sleeping conditions you have, and your mental health also affect your feelings in the morning. If you have a quality night’s rest and follow some simple pre-sleep routine rolls, you will notice that waking up feels easier.

But if all these rules are ignored, and you are not a morning person, the first few hours of the day can be rough. You’re probably grumpy and tired and don’t feel ready to deal with life. But waking up early and feeling fresh can help you achieve higher productivity, focus, motivation, and energy during the day. In addition, you will adjust your body to early mornings over time, so it won’t be a problem in the future.

The first and key step to make your mornings energised is to consider your pre-sleep routine and sleeping conditions. They greatly affect how you feel when waking up. However, there are also some practice-proven tips that can help you fight morning fatigue and finally achieve a happy mood when you wake up instead of wishing to sleep more hours every time.

Create a Pre-Sleep Routine

Waking up feeling energised and refreshed always starts with the pre-sleep routine. Therefore, it is vital to create and follow some habits the night before. In addition, scientists found out that following this routine can help you relax and set you up for sleep since the body understands that it is time to fall asleep. This routine can include everything you want, like reading a book, preparing the bed, doing skincare, or soothing yoga sessions.

Clean Your House Before Bed

We are not talking about a complete cleaning here. There is no pleasure about waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes or a messy room, so you can’t even find your clothes in the morning. Therefore, it is best to tidy up your room, so you can wake up knowing nothing has to be done, or you won’t need to rush to clean your room. This also gives your mind a feeling like you start a completely clean and new day.

Make Bedtime Thoughts Positive

We all know that negative thoughts are common before going to sleep since, during the night, there are so many worries, especially when you have vital tasks or stressful situations tomorrow. However, negative racing thoughts greatly affect how you fall asleep, making it hard to wake up as well. That is why it is recommended to go to bed with positive thoughts, thinking about how you will spend the next day or imagining something pleasant. If you can’t focus on positive thoughts, consider a quick meditation before sleep to relax your mind and body.

Sleep and Wake Up Rituals

Rituals are an essential part of our lives. Bedtime and wake-up rituals are habits that signal your brain that it is bedtime or a waking-up time. Regardless of how many steps include your rituals, it is vital to follow them on a daily basis. Make sure that all these habits should be soothing, focusing on relaxing the body and mind, reducing racing thoughts before bed, and refreshing your mind when waking up.

Unplug and Decompress

If you want to achieve a refreshing and energising morning, then you have to calm down before sleep. And this means stopping working, checking email, and avoiding social media for at least one or two hours before sleep. You can spend this time on pre-sleep rituals, reflecting on your day, and thinking about what things you expect from tomorrow. 

Use Supplements

If all things here don’t suit you or you need more effective help, taking supplements can be a way to go. You can buy wake up pills that are specially designed with natural energy-boosting ingredients, like caffeine and zinc, that help you wake up refreshed. These supplements are great for those who can’t achieve energised mornings for some reason or don’t have time for all these pre-sleep rituals. 

Have an Energising Morning Routine

Many successful people know the benefits of waking up early and starting their mornings with a perfect routine. Some prefer to write down goals for the day, while others like to go to the gym before starting the day. An energising morning routine can include everything you like, but exercising like yoga, gym, swimming, or anything else can help you achieve better productivity during the day. So achieving a refreshed feeling in the morning when you wake up early is more about having a morning routine that helps your body to start the day.

Don’t Restart The Alarm

One of the most common mistakes that ruin energised mornings people make is restarting the alarm repeatedly. When you restart the alarm, you only ruin the whole morning’s energy. Even though most believe that sleeping for a few minutes or hours more will give them more energy, the truth is that it only confuses your circadian rhythm and makes you sleepy when you finally wake up. While it is hard to immediately wake up once the alarm rings, you don’t need to jump out of bed and exercise. Turn off the alarm and give yourself a few minutes for a calming waking up.

Treat Every Morning like Christmas

If your biggest problem is that you feel sluggish and lazy about your mornings and not waiting for them, you have to reconsider your approach by changing your attitude about sleep and the new day. For example, you can treat your mornings like a birthday or Christmas, so you can wait for them when going to sleep and remember what waits for you in the morning. You can also create delicious breakfasts every morning so you can wait for the delicious food or drinks that wait for you. This has been shown to boost energy in the morning greatly.

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