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A latest browser being introduced by google that would break rules of Apple store


As per reports from The Register, Google’s chromium developers are testing a web browser for iOS that will rectify the restrictions of Apple’s browser engine.

Developers are aggressively pursuing the experimental browser, which makes use of Google’s Blink engine. But if Google tried to publish it on the App Store, Apple’s App Review process would reject it.

According to Apple’s App Store policies, the WebKit browser engine must be used only by browser apps for iOS and iPadOS. On macOS and Windows, browsers like Chrome and Microsoft Edge are created using the Chromium framework; however, their iOS counterparts are compelled to use Apple’s WebKit, which causes them to act like Safari.

As far as we can tell from the app, it marks the beginning of an alternate browser while still lacking some key features at this early stage. According to Google’s claim, this version is just an experimental version that is aimed at observing the performance on iOS and will not be available to users as we are following the policies of Apple.

Even after this statement, the iOS browser remains a sign that Apple’s policies are being updated and that a home-based browser for devices is being introduced. The Biden administration, which most recently supported the passage of new legislation to prohibit “gatekeeper” corporations like Apple from forbidding alternative browser engines on its platform, has increased antitrust examination of Apple’s browser engine restriction.

Antitrust agencies in the UK, Australia, and Japan have all made suggestions that are similar to this one. The Digital Markets Act of the European Union is anticipated to oblige Apple to permit third-party app stores and remove its limits on browser engines as early as next year. If a Blink-based iOS browser is ever able to be released, Google would, at the very least, have a significant head start on the competition.

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