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Apple store workers in Australia plans to go on a strike during busy holiday shopping period

Continuous efforts and discussions still haven’t convinced the workers yet. In Australia, apple store workers have decided to call for a strike by the end of this month. It’s a continuation of a recent strike in October, when almost 400 of the workers went on strike for an hour.

The October strike made history as the first strike by Apple workers. Also, it was the first synchronized strike by retail workers in Australia. The participants in the strike were members of the RRFAWU (retail and fast food employees). Employees protested about the types of jobs they don’t want to perform, such as repairing synchronized and delivering stock.

In light of the current situation, the workers are planning to call a more noticeable strike. Reuters reported that workers are planning to go on strike at 3 p.m. on December 23 and return on Christmas Eve. This time period is considered a high time for Apple sales.

The strike will be held across the nation, leaving a high impact on retail outlets in Brisbane, including Adelaide and Newcastle, which hold most of the RAFFWU’s members.

In addition to the strike, workers intend to take the following strike actions:

The RAFFWU announced a plan to continue strike actions from this year, including a prohibition on repairing Apple watches and iPhones, answering doors, performing any sales, and wearing the company’s festive red t-shirt.

Apple workers in Australia are struggling for a change in wages, better schedules, and a yearly increment. Retail and fast food workers in Australia are the representatives of Apple store employees. 

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