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A new update to Samsung Reminder now allows you to download images from it.

Samsung has launched the latest version of the “Reminder app” for Android devices. The latest version of the application (v12.4.02.6000) came up with two new features related to handling images. Both features were put to excellent use. The first one allows you to download an image from reminders, and the second one allows you to open up the website you took a screenshot from.

Downloading the image from a reminder

In the previous version of the application, users were allowed to add images to reminders, but the images couldn’t be downloaded from the reminders. Often, we delete the images added to reminders. So in the previous version, there was no chance of getting the image back.

To get the image saved to the device, the user needed to take a screenshot. In the latest version of the application, users can download images added to reminders. For downloading the image, tap on it, and you’ll see an option to download it.

You can head to the website you took the screenshot from.

In our daily use of mobile, we take and save hundreds of screenshots for later use. In the latest version, Samsung is giving its users the facility to access the website from which they took the screenshot. The option can be accessed by clicking on the image in the reminders.

However, we cannot yet predict how the feature will function. We can say anything for sure, such as if the information on the website is saved when we take the screenshot or if it is scanned by reminders for access to the website. Although it’s an amazing feature,

The latest version is currently being launched in South Korea. So, we have to wait a bit to get access to it on our devices. The feature will hopefully be available throughout the whole region in a few days.

The latest version can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store once it’s available. Until then, you can experience other great updates from Samsung, including Keys Café, the application that allows you to customize your boring keyboards, and Good Lock, which can give you access to many options to customize your phone’s UI display.