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Who Has Acquired The Most AI Startups Until Now—Google Apple, Facebook And Intel

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Total of 34 AI startups were acquired in the first quarter of 2017, Acquiring AI startups aggressively shows that tech giants know what’s coming ahead and they are preparing themselves for that. Google acquired the most AI startups in 2017 until now.

Tech giants are now investing much more in acquisitions and guess what? Yes most of them are Artificial Intelligence companies. It looks like Tech giants try to reinforce their leading role in Artificial Intelligence, Google inc, acquired total of 11 AI startups in the first quarter, makes them the top acquiring company followed by Apple, Facebook and Intel respectively.

Companies are also not commenting on their AI acquisition strategies however, Apple did confirm the acquisition of Lattice which was done few days ago.

Apple To Test 5G Internet Technology 

After that Apple’s insider unveiled Apple’s plans to develop Processor/chip dedicated to AI tasks only, Apple is in pursuit of new processor which reportedly is to perform AI related tasks in across apple devices.

There were also largest deals in AI acquisitions; One of the largest deals was Ford Motor $1 billion investment in Argo AI, Argo was founded by ex-Google executive, who later joined Uber’s Self-driving project.

Matthew Zeiler Chief Executive of Clarifai said, “Google literally competes with almost every company on the planet, Are you going to trust them with being your partner for AI?”

Tech giants come across each other on a bidding floor a war for academics who specializes in Artificial Intelligence. The biggest problem with startups is that they do not have sufficient capital to compete, but a company with different and special mission can win the game, said Vic Gundotra, Chief Executive Officer of AliveCor.

Apple Woring On New Processor Dedicated For AI Tasks

AI is becoming the top acquisition strategy for tech giants, acquiring artificial intelligence firms who are pondered by the ideas that are already in developing phase, tech giants just need more experience and capital to inject in those startups which will eventually bring more innovation to their existing businesses.