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Smartphone Users Tend To Be More Rational Than PC Users—Study Revealed

The new study claimed that people on smartphones make rational and unemotional decisions as compared to people on PC’s when they came across a moral dilemma on their devices—says the study.

City university of London conducted a study in which they found out that PC users are more likely to take action based on intuition and following established rules.

The researchers organized the study that moral judgements were recorded in a digital context in which a scenario was presented to participants with dilemma.

Study indicates that more participants using smartphones make unemotional decisions as compared to people using PC’s. This can also be said that people using PC’s are more emotional than Smartphone users.

Researchers also found that Smartphone users are tend to make more utilitarian decisions as compared to PC’s users. This means Smartphones users tend to be more rational and practical.    
The study suggests that even under conditions of time pressure, some digital contexts -such as using a smartphone -could trigger utilitarian decision-making.

“This could be due to the increased time pressures and the increased psychological distance which can occur when we use such devices compared to PCs,” said Albert BarqueDuran of City, University of London.

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