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Adblock Plus customized ads is now a thing

Adblock Plus customized ads

Adblock Plus is a popular adblocking app available for web browsers. It blocks all sorts of annoying advertisements that spam users. However, Adblock Plus is taking a step towards a new service that will share more relevant advertisements on user screen. These advertisements are customized and less annoying, claims the service. Adblock Plus customized ads is now possible.

The service has gone forward to not block every ad from user screen but with Adblock Plus the app aims to replace the bad ads with good ones. The bad ads are termed as the one being too intrusive to users and the good ones are with a more gentle approach. The Verge reports that Adblock Plus is not going to get rid of ads but is going to replace them with good ones.

Adblock Plus customized ads will remove annoying ads

By paving horizons through an ad marketplace it will give blogs and websites the option to customize their ads. Only acceptable ads will be placed on the pages. If someone using Adblock Plus comes to the site, they will only view acceptable ads.

This opens up new monetization channels for ad placement giving opportunity to monetize the ad blockers on specific terms.

The initiative is a part of the Acceptable Ads program that Adblock Plus has been running since 2011. White-listed ads appear even when the blocker app has been turned on but this has been limited. Publishers have to pay and specifically chalk out ads. Only the ones they deem acceptable will be displayed.

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Adblock Plus has ads that are already picked out by the app so publishers just have to sign up, plug in the code into their website and start running the white-listed ads. The Adblock Plus guidelines ensure that the ads are not able to track visitors and the ads will be limited to certain locations on the publisher site.

The app aims to be a publisher friendly product.

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