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Sony’s PS4 update is what you should be getting

Sony's PS4 update

Sony’s PS4 update is now available. The renowned name in the console gaming industry rolled out the update for PS4 model today which is by far very impressive. The upgrade comes with a new console interface, new folders, small tweaks in the menu screen and a superior high dynamic range HDR output. The 4.00 version update is available by the codename Shingen. Sony’s PS4 update paves the way for two models of the console launched, recently.

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Sony previously released two upgraded version of the PS4 called PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. The software update is available for both these models as well.

PS4 Pro is capable of playing games in 4K resolution and is due to be released on November 10th, 2016.

The update introduces HDR capabilities in the model making Shingen update able to play games in HDR on all PS4 consoles. Sony’s PS4 Pro already does that but if users have a television set capable of supporting HDR technology then they can play videos without a PS4 Pro.

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PlayStation blog reports that, Shingen allows streaming in 1080p on Youtube, Twitch and remote play. The update also prepares user PS4 for a LAN connection which will enable a transfer of data. If users are planning to switch from old to new consoles then this is perfect. Notching up to PS4 Pro or slimming down to PS4 Slim has never been easier.

Sony has made changes to the UI as well through this update. Sony’s vanilla PS4 UI was easier to navigate but for regular users it formed a clutter. The Shingen update comes with folders which gives users the option to organize their games, files and videos.

There have also been some tweaks in the menu and screen sharing of the game so now, users can shrink them instead of covering the games or app.

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