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After Apple’s AirTags Comes Samsung’s SmartTag+

Get your SmartTag+ for$39. This device comes right after we saw Apple AirTags; a bid of war!

Galaxy SmartTag+

You know there is a cold war going between smart device manufacturers? I am not kidding. You will find many examples when one is trying to beat the other to ship more devices, to capture a good chunk of the market share ultimately. I see one great example – Apple’s AirTags vs. Samsung’s SmartTag. When recently Apple introduced its AirTags, Samsung suddenly came out with its new SmartTag+.

Just to let you know, this isn’t the first product of the same nature. Samsung already has a SmartTag; this new SmartTag+ is just its successor and a competitor of Apple’s AirTags.

Anyways, this new device is now available for sale on Samsung and Amazon just for $39. This SmartTag+ comes with an updated location tracker and ultra-wideband technology in addition to Bluetooth LE support. Then this device also supports an AR feature for easily finding the tracker when it’s nearby. When you use the SmartTag+ with the SmartThings, you can track your SmartTag+ from nearly 400 feet. In addition to this, we heard that this device could be tracked through the Galaxy Find network.

As of now, this device has limited support; it works only with the Galaxy S21+, S21 Ultra, and Note 20 Ultra. So if you don’t own any of those, you should buy the original SmartTag. SmartTag comes just for $29 (the same price as AirTags).