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Leaked Images Of Galaxy Z Fold 3: Under Display Camera And S Pen Support

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According to Samsung’s releasing schedule, if all goes well, Samsung is all set to release a new foldable screen mobile phone this year the all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. As the rumored June release date is getting closer, more and more news about this new device is leaking out. The latest “spy photos” tell us that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is likely to be equipped with an under-screen camera. As the name suggests. The “under-screen camera” is to place the camera below the screen, so that we can get a truly full-screen experience, while also being able to take selfies with the front camera.

According to the leaked pictures, the words “the world’s first folding screen equipped with an under-screen camera” are written in familiar Samsung fonts. In addition, the additional pictures also show us the rear camera design that is not the same as the Samsung Galaxy S21 series and the long-rumored S-Pen stylus support.

In addition, it was reported earlier that Galaxy Z Fold 3 will support 25W charging, dustproof and waterproof and a new generation of UTG glass may also come to Samsung’s new folding screen this year.

Back to the camera under the screen, in fact, this technology has been publicly demonstrated by domestic manufacturers a long time ago. ZTE has even introduced overproduction models, and Samsung has also conducted long-term testing of this technology. We don’t know yet if Samsung’s action this time (considering rumors true) marks the maturity of the under-screen camera technology.