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After Hyundai And Kia, Nissan Also Sidelined From Apple Car Project

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Recently, there has been heated discussion about Apple’s selection of partners for the Apple Car project.

Hyundai Motor also publicly denied the rumours of cooperating with Apple to build cars, but Nissan Motor is very active in its cooperation with Apple. They have publicly expressed their interest in the Apple Car project.

But unfortunately, Apple doesn’t seem to want Nissan to manufacture for it.

According to relevant media reports, a person familiar with the matter recently revealed that Apple did negotiate with Nissan on the Apple Car project a few months ago, but the two sides stopped communicating within a short period of time.

According to reports, Apple and Nissan have some big differences in the Apple Car project. The main difference is that the two sides have different views on the Apple Car brand, and the negotiation intentions have ended before even entering the high-level communication stage.

According to previous reports from relevant sources, Apple regards Hyundai Motor and Volkswagen as one of the preferred cooperative manufacturers. Since Hyundai Motor has announced that it will stop negotiations with Apple, Volkswagen will most likely become an Apple Car manufacturer.

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Some industry professionals said that Apple had previously valued that Hyundai Motor’s E-GMP platform can be designed through distribution, modularization and robotic assembly, but in addition, the electric vehicle platform MEB created by Volkswagen is also very compatible with Apple’s driverless models. frame.

Based on the currently known news, although the current choice of Apple car partners is still a mystery, Apple is obviously accelerating the Apple Car project. It is reported that Apple will select a partner manufacturer in the first half of this year and make it public. Then we can also cooperate The platform looks ahead to some configuration information of Apple Car.