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Apple Secret Team And TSMC Working On Micro OLEDs For Apple Glass

Apple Glass

The computer company Apple has sent a developer group to work on new micro OLED panels. This is done in close cooperation with the semiconductor group TSMC, which provides a special system for this.

As a report by the Japanese business journal Nikkei shows , the research here revolves around a completely new approach to display production. The new panels are no longer produced on the usual glass substrates, but rather like a classic microchip from a silicon wafer. This also explains the cooperation with TSMC, where the required production facilities are available.

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In this way you want to be able to build panels that are composed of extremely small pixels and thus achieve enormous resolutions in a small area. Such displays are required in order to be able to build Apple’s upcoming augmented reality systems. These work with fairly small screens right in front of the eyes and the higher the resolutions achieved here, the more realistically content can be integrated into the real environment.

Entirely New Technology

“Panel makers are really good at making screens bigger and bigger, but when it comes to thin and light devices like AR glasses, you need very small displays,” a source told Nikkei. TSMC, on the other hand, has long experience in the miniaturization of systems and is, therefore, an exciting partner for the display technology experts employed by Apple.

The development work is mainly carried out in the Apple offices in Longtan Science Park in Taiwan – a branch where there is not even a sign on the building that would give away the tenant. There is only a subtle Apple logo to be seen in the lobby. The team works here in short walking distance to a TSMC facility where advanced process technologies are tested.

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The team of experts put together by Apple, who are familiar with the development, consists essentially of people who have many years of experience with the Taiwanese display manufacturer AU Optoelectronics. The team was then strengthened selectively with experts from Japan and other regions of the world.

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