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After Instagram blockage, Russia launches clone Rossgram

The attack on Ukraine has isolated the country internationally and Russia is also cutting many (internet) lines to the West on its own initiative. At the same time, a number of prominent services were blocked. The alternative is apparently partly copying like Rossgram. Russia attacked Ukraine about a month ago and was hit with all kinds of economic, technological, and cultural sanctions as a result. However, some services were banned on their own initiative, most often this was and is social media, where you can find out the truth about the war against Ukraine.

Such bans often affect networks and services that are not particularly popular in Russia anyway. Hardly anyone uses Google there (instead: Yandex), and Facebook does not play a major role there either (Russian alternative: VKontakte). An exception is or was Instagram. The image network, which is owned by Meta, also enjoyed great popularity in Russia and the ban on the platform was also bad news for many influencers.

Instagram copied one to one

Since then, users and influencers have been looking for an alternative and that should start early next week (via the standard Her name is Rossgram and not only the name is reminiscent of the great role model. Rossgram is – as you can already see from the service’s website – quite a frankly shameless clone of Instagram. The creators write: “Rossgram is a new social network with a familiar and intuitive interface, many options, and convenient working conditions.” It’s mostly intuitive because it’s basically a 1:1 copy of the meta-network, even the color is copied more or less exactly.

Rossgram is also advertised with “Russian servers and data centers”, and it also emphasizes that the offering can be used without VPNs and other restrictions – of course, not even suggesting that this has anything to do with the war against Ukraine.