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How to have a Bitcoin Prime account?


Cryptocurrency has come up as the best choice for investment to make a source of passive income. People who have the knowledge to trade in cryptocurrency are making thousands of dollars every week.

Due to unorganized ups and downs in the value of cryptocurrency, it was a nightmare to invest in cryptocurrency and feel safe that you would always earn some profit. That is the biggest reason why most people hesitate to invest in this fast-growing market.

But a big thanks to newly invented crypto trading robots that it has become now possible to earn daily profits without risking your capital. These robots have made it very simple, easy, and possible to earn profits regularly.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is an automated trading software that learns the pattern of prices in the crypto market and makes profitable trades on your behalf to earn a 100% confirm profit. This robot is created by using high-tech advanced technologies and complex algorithms of mathematics that predict whether the value of the cryptocurrency will go up or there could be a fall in it. On that basis, the software makes trades that end as a result of confirmed earnings every time. This is the most accurate robot and according to the website, it has an accuracy rate of more than 90%. So there would be very less chances that your trade will result in a loss. 

How to create a Bitcoin Prime account?

Bitcoin Prime is designed in a very simple way as anyone can make Bitcoin Prime’s account without learning any trick. The interface of the app is very user-friendly and no one faces any difficulty at any point. Whether it is time to create an account, deposit, trade, or withdraw, you will always find this platform the best and the easiest.

Let’s learn how to create an account on this profitable and handy app within a few minutes.


To create an account, you have to register yourself first on the app by following these simple steps mentioned below in detail.

First of all, go to the official page of the app and open create an account tab.


You have to put your first and last name in the dedicated box at the top of the form. Do not make any mistake there and fill it in carefully. Check and remember every spelling, capital, or small word so that you will face no issue if you have to recover your account in the future.

Email ID

Bitcoin Prime requires your email address for further communication and notifications. All the progress and update in-app or in the rules of the app will be notified through email at your given address. Re-read your email address so that there will not be any mistakes. If you would make a mistake, it would be very frustrating for you as you will not be able to do many tasks with the wrong email address.

Number and password

No enter your contact number and create a log-in password so that your information and account would be saved from outsiders.