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AI Powered Smart Speaker ‘Google Home’: Launching Soon In The UK

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Google’s Artificial Intelligence smart speaker named; Google Home, will be rolling out in the UK before June, BBC news says Google executive Rick Osterloh expressed the rough idea of launch date at MWC. The product is expected to be available in the UK by June, the report says that the search engine was positioned well to beat its main competitor in this business segment, Amazon’s Echo.

“We have historical data of people using our products and people using voice queries using Android devices. So that now we are able to much answer these types of queries in much better way,” Rick Osterloh said, “All this historical data will help us to respond to consumer needs in a best possible manner.”

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Google has already launched “Google Home” in the United States last November, this device is powered by Google Assistant. Like the Amazon’s Echo, Google Home is able to answer basic questions in a robust manner, it can also carry out simple tasks such as; setting timers, further it can be used to control smart home products. However, disparate from Echo, it can also remember the context of questions because of AI used in the device, allowing users to pose questions such as; Who is the current president of the United States? and sequential questions like “When was he born?”

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Amazon, however, has a strong initiative in the smart speaker category. Recently, the company declared that it had launched more than 10,000 skills for its digital assistant Alexa. Amazon Echo has been launched in UK since last September.

Amazon Echo estimated sales figures worldwide reached to 5.2 million in 2016 and Alexa skills reached to 5,100 in skills store.

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