All about Diablo 4 Season Pre Patch

With today’s patch 1.1, Blizzard is preparing Diablo 4 and its servers for the upcoming season starting on July 20th. Combined with maintenance work lasting several hours, players can already prepare for the new content in the evening – you should know all this.

Three hours of maintenance & patch download

In the run-up to the first Diablo 4 season, maintenance work will be carried out on July 18 between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. GMT. However, there should not be downtime. Blizzard only warns that there may be “interruptions in service” and disconnections during this period. Hardcore players in particular should be on their guard.

Afterward (from 8 p.m.) at the latest, players will have access to Diablo Patch 1.1, which can be downloaded and installed via the client. A restart of the game is required after the download. Since the “Season of Spite” doesn’t start until July 20, 2023, today’s update can be seen as a fitting preload.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Starts

In preparation for the start of the season on July 20th, players should log into the game with their most advanced character after downloading patch 1.1. In this way, Blizzard ensures that rewards earned from the current Eternal Realm are transferred to the new Season Realm – at least part of it. This applies to the Altars of Lilith, the areas already discovered on the map, and the associated progression in the reputation system.

Simultaneously with today’s Diablo 4 update, Blizzard will release detailed patch notes. These should be correspondingly long, especially with regard to balancing updates for the individual classes, which will take effect tonight. Players should expect “nerfs” – i.e. a weakening of various skills – such as for druids, necromancers, and barbarians.

Innovations: the first Diablo 4 Season brings?

A few weeks ago, developers confirmed six new unique items, seven new aspects, and 32 degenerate traits. The latter is associated with seasonal degenerate hearts and special socket stones for amulets. To collect the hearts, Degenerate Tunnels come into play as a new form of dungeons and Varshan the Consumed as a new world boss.

Furthermore, players can start the season journey known from Diablo 3, unlock various bonuses with it and fill the newly introduced Battle Pass. The Battle Pass has 27 free tiers and 63 premium tiers for paying players. The paid levels are limited exclusively to cosmetic items, while in the free tier the important “smoldering ash” can be collected as a new currency for seasonal blessings (buffs).

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