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All You Know About Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2

Microsoft is currently working on the second generation of the Surface Duo. Allegedly, the Redmond-based company does not want to give up its hybrid device consisting of a smartphone and tablet with two displays and is primarily planning a technical upgrade, a better camera, and larger displays.

As the colleagues from Windows Central report, Microsoft is working on a so-called Surface Duo 2, which is being developed under the code name “Zeta”. The device should be optically based largely on the first-generation model, i.e. continue to connect two individual displays in the middle with a hinge.

Technically, however, a lot should be done. There is talk of a “flagship SoC” being planned for the second generation of the Surface Duo in Redmond. What is meant is a high-end platform that could bring significantly more performance. However, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will actually use a current Qualcomm chip like the Snapdragon 888 or only uses a CPU from last year, as was the case with the first Surface Duo.

The high-end platform under the hood?

At least one can hear from the source that they want to rely on a “current flagship SoC” from 2021, which would be the Snapdragon 888 with its integrated 5G modem as things stand today. NFC is also said to be on board and somewhat larger displays with rounded corners are supposedly planned to ensure narrower edges.

In addition, there is supposedly a camera module on the outside of the housing, in which more powerful sensors are to be used. This creates a camera hump on the back, as is also known from other normal smartphones. This design change compared to the first Surface Duo, which is completely flat on the outside, should be necessary to accommodate the larger and better camera sensors.

According to the report, Microsoft uses Android 11 as the operating system. A further developed version of the Microsoft Launcher is likely to be used herein conjunction with various apps from the extensive software range from Redmond-based. Nothing is known about the price of the Surface Duo 2. The unveiling is to be expected in September or October.

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