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All you need to know about Apple iOS 13

In this article, we will tell our readers about the Apple iOS 13, its release date schedule and important features.

On June 3rd the iOS 13 beta 1 and the first look at WWDC 2019 was seen. On June 17th iOS 13 beta 2  was launched for developers. iOS 13 public beta release date for adventurous testers will be quite soon. iOS 13 Golden Master (final dev beta) will be launched in early September 2019 and by mid-September 2019 iOS 13 is likely to launch with new 2019 iPhones.

iOS 13 developer beta is available as of now but it is just limited to paid Apple developers. The iOS 13 public data will be released by July while the iOS 13 golden master will be the released one week before the final iOS release. The official iOS 13 release date is about one week after the next iPhone launch event.

iOS 13 compatibilities will be on iPhones from last four years. Thus phones like iPhone 6 will not be compatible with iOS 13.

Coming to the features comings to iOS 13 include the dark mode. In iOS 13 the Dark mode will be system-wide, it will change hues from bright white and light grey to black and dark gray.

A big update for iOS 13 on iPad will be iPadOS. This means that there will be a home screen redesign, pinned widgets, slide over, split view, etc. Split View will allow users to open one app on both sides of the screen. App Expose will enable iPad users to see all the space they have open.

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iOS 13 will feature QuickType keyboard that will allow users to swipe-to-type. Also, the software will feature Find My Friends and Find My iPhone options to locate friends and lost or missing gadget in a faster way.