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All you need to know about iOS 11.3

iOS 11.3

Apple just released the iOS 11.3 amidst all the scandals. The company’s iOS 11.3 includes a list of features and fixes. For starters, iPhone users can now turn off the iPhone slowing feature. The owners of new iPhone’s can disable the throttle mode that slows their phones down to prevent sudden shutdown. The company has late last year admitted to slowing down phones to prevent shutdown by old batteries. To placate the customers, the company dropped the battery replacement price this year.

The new Battery Health options are located in Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health (Beta). It shows information about the status of your battery, including its maximum capacity and peak performance capability. It will tell you if the battery needs to be replaced.

Turning off the “performance management” feature might make your phone susceptible to sudden shutdowns.

The new Data & Privacy on iOS 11.3 feature that states, “Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right.”

When you open Apple apps, you’ll see a small Data & Privacy icon that looks like two people shaking hands. Click and you can see a list off all the data you’re sending back to Apple and what the company needs if for. The privacy feature was announced in January, months before Facebook’s data woes were made public.

Users now have the option to store their medical records on their iPhone. A new feature in the Health app will let you connect to your health care provider and download encrypted medical records.

Apple has added four new Animoji characters in iOS 11. Available in the Messages app, the bear, dragon, skull and sullen lion characters mimic your face movements and record your voice. Obviously, we are going to test out the animoji’s before anything else in the new features offered by Apple.

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