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Learn more about the operating system Fuchsia


Fuchsia is a word that popped up during the mid-2016 in the tech world. It appeared unannounced as an open source project from Google on the GitHub repository. Fuchsia is a totally new operating system, currently in the very early stages of development at Google. According to initial investigation, it was designed to be a “universal” operating system, capable of running on everything from low-power smartwatches to powerful computers.

Microsoft attempted to make Windows 10 “universal,” at least in the sense that some phones have been made that can run it in a lower down version. Apple expressed that the original iPhone ran “real OS X,” before it gave up that concept in favor of a branded iOS. The closest operating systems that run at all levels of consumer hardware is, Linux. Various flavors of the Linux kernel are used for Android, Chrome OS, set-top boxes, routers and modems, smart devices, and tons of industrial software besides.

Google hasn’t come out to say that this is the goal of Fuchsia, however it seems that this is its natural aspiration. Fuchsia is built from the ground up on a totally new micro-kernel named Zircon. With the trend for consumer electronics shifting towards smaller, more efficient, and more portable hardware, Google sees the microkernel architecture as a potential fit for its next-generation operating system.

How Will Fuchsia Affect Engineers?

Fuchsia isn’t at a position where developers can practically create full applications yet. But when achieves the point then Google doesn’t intend for the work it has put into Android to be totally abandoned. Fuchsia apps can be written in a variety of popular programming languages using the new Flutter software development kit.

Fuchsia is not going to hit the mainstream market any time soon. You can however try it in the open source repositories  and run it on these hardwares Intel NUC mini-PC, the Acer Switch Alpha 12 tablet, the HiKey960, and the Khadas VIM. Those last two are systems-on-a-chip, like a more powerful Raspberry Pi.

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