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Amazon Alexa to get whisper mode in October


The digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby are gradually taking over the digital devices, the artificially intelligent assistants are appearing in phone, speakers, TVs, Cars and home electronics and even kitchen appliances.

If you are a frequent user of one of the above-mentioned assistants then you might have wished some features that aren’t there yet, but Amazon is slowly catching up.

Today, Amazon has announced that it has plans to enhance Alexa’s ability to recognize whispered speech. Alexa’s new whisper mode feature was first announced a week ago along with the range of new Echo devices.

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The new feature would enable to understand whispering and reply automatically in a lower volume and hushed tone. The feature would first come to the US market which would be available in October.

All the big tech companies including Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung decipher the future of voice assistants in a much positive way, they believe that it is a huge market yet to explore. The ability to understand voice in a whisper mode would take the voice assistant one step ahead providing more control to users in a wider range of environments.