Amazon could replace Android with its own Smart Home OS

Android is a famous and widely adopted platform. Different versions of Android can be found on different products. In order to fulfill the requirements of an operating system on smart displays, TVs, and smart home products, Amazon uses a forked version of Android. According to some recent pieces of information, Amazon could replace Android with its own in-house operating system. Possibly, the company will begin the switch as early as next year.

The company is working on the development of a new operating system named Vega for its hardware. According to the information, the company has already tested the new OS on Fire TV streaming adapters. The company has officially shared its plan regarding the switch to the new OS with its partners. According to sources, the company might begin shipping Fire TV’s with Vega next year.

According to Roettgers, there are several reasons why the company is isolating itself from Google. One of the reasons is that Android has several strings of unnecessary codes that are irrelevant for running a smart home device. Fire OS has always been behind Google’s stock due to its reliance on the open-source Android Project. Moreover, Google has made an effort to stop some manufacturers from producing TVs with Amazon software.

According to sources, Amazon’s new OS Vega is based on Linux since app developers are guided to use React Native. This would make it possible for developers to create programs that work on a larger range of devices and operating systems. This is significant because it would allow developers to produce programs that function on both outdated Android gear and Amazon’s new gadget.

Perhaps the company will switch to its own OS on all of its products in the future. Similar to Fire OS, it’s probable that Amazon views its own operating system as a way to reach a wider audience with advertisements, which is why its gadgets are so inexpensive.

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