This app will make your Android home screen look like a Windows phone

We’re going to speak about an app that you’ll probably adore if you’re missing Windows Phone. The well-known Android developer Rushikesh Kamewar released the app under the moniker BIG Icons.

Apps like Shortcut Maker, Pixel Search, AppBar, and Notification Shortcuts are developed by this developer. Before we begin, it should be noted that this app is still in beta. It’s available for purchase on the Google Play Store, but note that it is still in beta.

Use the BIG Icons app to give your Android device a Windows Phone experience

The purpose of this software is to add tiles to your home screen that look great, just like the ones that Windows Phone devices used to have. The integration is obviously not as bad, but this implementation is interesting.

You can arrange icons or tiles of different sizes on your home screen(s) by using the BIG Icons app. However, that is not the end of the narrative. No, these are not simply large app icons that you can tap. As with Windows Phone, the developer really permits you to get notifications directly on those tiles. From the settings, you can select which apps you want to do it for.

You may also change the backgrounds of each tile you arrange on the home screen. It’s up to you which custom colors, own photos, or clearly adaptable icon backgrounds you use.

Support for icon packs is also included

Moreover, BIG Icons supports icon packs, allowing you to further customize your design. Considering that this is still in beta, that’s interesting. Usually, icon pack support is implemented afterwards. You may also change the text size, hide the names of the apps that these symbols are linked to, adjust the transparency of the icons and tiles, and more using this software. Options will soon increase.

You will need to pay $1.99 to download this software and give it a try. Even if it’s still in beta, the app is paid for.

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