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Amazon is shutting down eight of its cashierless Go stores

As per information from GeekWire, Amazon is all set to shut down its eight cashier less Go stores. The list of stores that are set to close includes two in New York, two in Seattle, and four in San Francisco. These announcements were made on the same day following the news that the company was putting a full stop to its construction site at its second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. As it’s an online site, most of the staff prefers to work remotely. According to Bloomberg, Amazon’s cost-cutting strategies are interfering with and slowing its sales growth. Following this year in January, as other tech companies have, it has planned out a layoff of 10,000 employees that was expanded to 18,000, which was mostly from its retail and recruiting sections.

As told by Jessica Martin, the company’s spokesperson, she explained that they are committed to their policy of Amazon Go format. They are opting to adapt the changes like any other retailer by observing and setting up their locations and features that are mostly dependent on the customers. They are subjected to taking decisions accordingly, with the aim of opening 20 Amazon Go stores all across the US.

One of the significant parts of this store is that it contains a technology-based system. These stores contain cameras and sensors that detect when a product is taken from the shelf and when it’s put back on. These stores are designed to let you shop like you’re passing out with no payment. This happens like you can grab a product you want and it’ll be added to your virtual cart, and you can pay for it through online services. Through this policy, you are able to walk out of the store without facing a chaotic payment counter.

Although Amazon still operates more than 20 Go locations across the nation, it has always struggled to dominate physical shopping and has frequently changed its tactics. Prior to the pandemic, the business closed 87 retail pop-up kiosks that it had located throughout the US. Also, all 68 of Amazon’s physical bookshops, pop-up stores, and “4-star” stores in the US and Britain will be shut down in 2022. But CEO Andy Jassy only recently stated that the company intended to invest heavily in its brick-and-mortar grocery store sector. “We’re optimistic that in 2023, we’ll have a format that we want to go big on on the physical side,” he told the Financial Times.

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