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Facebook has extended its Reels to 90-second length

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All social platforms have been converted to reels as a result of the change. Posting pictures is now expected to be old school. Meta also holds reels as a crucial part of its platforms. Meta is planning out some better features for its reel section on Facebook. Facebook is all set to increase its reel length from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Instagram has also made the same improvements to its reel section as it did last year in July. However, these video lengths are still quite short in comparison with the maximum video length of TikTok, which is 10 minutes.

Along with that reel is a really crucial option called sync clip, which means setting up videos to the beat of a song. Instagram and TikTok already have this feature in their reel sections. Meta is planning to add a similar option in the Facebook reel section. This latest feature is named “Groove”. By using visual beat technology, it’ll provide the same feature of aligning your video to the beat of the song.

Other than that, you will be able to make reels from your memories section on Facebook. Just like Instagram, you’ll be able to create reels using trending templates by syncing in your clips. Through this feature, you can set up a reel of your own using these templates.

Meta declared reels to be the most efficient growth format. Users are more likely to watch reels on these platforms as the watch time of reels has doubled since last year. Reel sharing has also increased two times within the last six months. Users are able to post cross-reels between both

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