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Amazon Kicks Out Accessory Providers From The Platform With Fake Reviews

In a recent drive to clean up the platform from fake reviews, the company has taken some strict measures against the culprits. The mail-order company Amazon is serious about fighting against fake reviews and rating fraud very public on its platform. It has now become known that the online retailer has banned three well-known accessory manufacturers within a short period of time.

These are the companies Ravpower, Aukey, and Mpow. The vendors’ products have almost completely disappeared from the Amazon range, with Aukey and Mpow already removed in May and Ravpower followed this week, according to media reports. However, the background to the evictions has so far not been fully stated by Amazon: Amazon had already confirmed that Aukey and Mpow were no longer allowed to sell due to violations of the guidelines. Specifically, it should be about the fact that the companies have bought good reviews with vouchers and free items. The same accusation is now also made at Ravpower.

Violating Amazon guidelines

The Wall Street Journal journalist Nicole Nguyen reported on such an attempt at bribery by Ravpower. She herself had received an offer to receive a $35 gift certificate as soon as she gave a positive review on a product she had previously purchased. Buying reviews and offering vouchers in return for good reviews has been prohibited according to Amazon guidelines for around five years.

The offer to the journalist was not even individual, but a simple advertising flyer that was included in her order. So it looks like it was common practice at Ravpower to sneak reviews. Nguyen made the case public and shortly afterward the Ravpower products disappeared from Amazon. Amazon itself hasn’t said much about the three prominent examples yet.