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Amazon Launches Echo Show 15, Video Doorbell, And More

Amazon Branded TVs

Today Amazon presented many innovations at an event for devices and services. With Echo Show 15 to set a large Alexa control center before, this is a whole series of announcements about health, safety and smart home helper.

Echo Show 15

With the Echo Show 15, Amazon wants to create a large family headquarters. The company envisions the use of the device with a 15.6-inch full HD display (1080p) and the new “AZ2 Neural Edge Processor” on the kitchen wall or on the counter and enables operation in both portrait and landscape format . A redesigned start screen with more customization options and a new widget gallery should make personalization easier.

If required, the “Visual ID” function with the integrated 5-megapixel camera recognizes the user and adapts the content accordingly when it approaches. The Echo Show 15 will be available for 250 euros, stands for the countertop and accessories for base cabinet mounting are offered separately. You can currently register for a notification on the product page, availability is indicated as “Soon”.

Blink Video Doorbell

With the Blink Video Doorbell, Amazon introduces a video doorbell that is supposed to last around two years without being connected to the battery. Additional features include 1080p HD video day and night, two-way audio, doorbell app notifications and the ability to connect to and activate the existing doorbell. The device will cost 59.99 euros, and you can register on the product page to be informed about the launch.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Another product that Amazon is presenting at its event is clearly confronting the competition from Google Nest and Co. As the company emphasized when presenting the Amazon Smart Thermostat , with a price of 60 US dollars – Euro prices are missing – leave a large part of the products in this category behind, at least in terms of price.

In addition, the device naturally also provides a connection to Alexa, so it can be controlled by voice command, but there are also three buttons on the front for making local settings. Amazon currently does not want to provide any information on availability.

Halo View

Halo View provides an update for your own fitness tracker hardware. The most important innovation here is the AMOLED display, but for Amazon itself the biggest argument is that an annual membership for the new Halo Fitness function subscription is included in the price of 80 US dollars.

Ring Always Home Cam

The Ring Always Home Cam was introduced by Amazon quite a while ago and definitely surprised with the concept of the flying surveillance camera drone. Now the company is delivering a small update. In the United States, the device is to be available in limited quantities from now on at a price of $250, but only after an invitation has been requested.

Ring Alarm Pro

With the Ring Alarm Pro, Amazon brings together a classic ring alarm system with an Eero 6 Wi-Fi router for the price of 250 US dollars. The idea: Should the Internet fail, this hardware package with “3 GB of cellular data per month included” – assuming a Ring Protect Pro subscription for US $20 – provides a backup solution for remote monitoring and access. Another important argument for the new hardware: Here video files can also be saved locally on an SD card.