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Spotify On iOS 15 Heats Up Phone And Drains Battery Quickly

Spotify and Samsung

Spotify users who have already switched to iOS 15 report exceptionally high battery consumption . This also quickly leads to the iPhone “running hot”. Spotify investigates the reports and tries to find a quick solution.

The music streaming service Spotify has confirmed complaints from iPhone users that the Spotify app drains around 30 percent of the battery per hour of streaming – this is extremely unusual and can cause the iPhones to get really hot. There are also reports that the Spotify app is now more frequently affected by crashes on iOS 15. This is reported by AppleInsider. This affects iPhone users who use Spotify on iOS 15, and it currently looks across the board on all devices, including the new iPhone 13 family.

Tips from Spotify

“We have forwarded your information to the responsible team and can confirm that they are currently investigating the problem,” writes Spotify in a new support article published specially for the problem. “Aside from a reboot and / or a clean reinstallation of the app, it would be good if you tried to disable the background update of the app: You can find this under Settings -> General -> Background update of the app.”

No solution yet

However, according to the user reports, the tip to delete the app and reinstall it does not lead to a different result – the battery consumption remains unusually high and the iPhone heats up. In an update of the support document, Spotify thanks again for sending the feedback on the problems. You are therefore working on a solution with the responsible teams, but so far you have no further knowledge about the error.