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Amazon Prime drastically increases its prices in Europe

The Amazon Prime subscription will be increased in September next year. The monthly rate will increase from 5.99 euros to 6.99 euros while you have to pay 69.90 euros per year instead of 49 euros now. An increase that is justified by Prime’s increasingly extensive services.

The Boys – Amazon PrimeWe expected it, it’s now official: Amazon Prime is going to raise its prices in France. From 15 Sept, the subscription costs a little more. This concerns not only French, German but also those in all of Europe. It was through an email that Amazon announced this price increase. He was sent to all subscribers tonight. Be careful, it may have ended up in the “promotion” section if you use Gmail.

A price increase justified by Amazon

Here are the new Amazon Prime subscription prices:

  • 6.99 euros per month compared to 5.99 euros per month before
  • 69.90 euros per year against 49 euros per year

After a quick calculation, it is clear that Amazon is looking to get paid annually (the monthly subscription costs a total of more than 80 euros per year). A way to keep customers longer.

These are the prices for the student package:

  • 3.49 euros per month against 2.99 euros per month
  • 34.96 euros per year against 24 euros per year

This price increase is justified by Amazon by the increasingly diversified catalog services. As a reminder, Amazon Prime offers both site ordering benefits and access to its catalog of movies and series: we are focused on continuously improving the Prime program.

Since we launched Prime in France, we’ve expanded the selection of products eligible for Prime unlimited fast delivery; added and expanded fast grocery delivery; and added more premium digital entertainment, including TV shows and movies on Prime Video, music on Amazon Music Prime, games on Prime Gaming, and books on Prime Reading.

Prime Video, in particular, has increased the number of Amazon Original series and movies and added access to streaming of the French Open tournament. A permissible argument, sure, but hard to swallow, Amazon isn’t really in trouble. Prime isn’t the only subscription plan that’s gone up in recent times. The price of Netflix regularly rises and in 2021 Disney Plus increased its prices by a few euros.