Amazon Prime Video – Last Chance: These series and films will be deleted in January 2022


Amazon Prime Video is once again deleting numerous films and series. In January 2022, among other things, “The Handmaid’s Tale” will disappear from the program.

  • You will soon have to part with all seasons of the cult series “Desperate Housewives”.
  • The sitcom “Die Nanny” is also disappearing from the Amazon Prime Video program.
  • Film fans have to part with “La La Land” and “Monty Phyton’s The Meaning of Life”, among others.

The streaming service Amazon Prime Video is constantly changing its offer. However, it is not that easy for anyone who wants to see in a bundle which titles are deleted. Only the category “Not included in Prime in less than 30 days” gives you an insight into which films and series will soon be disappearing. The reason for the deletion of the title is often expiring license rights. You can only get an exact date on which a title will be deleted from Amazon Prime if the deletion date is within the next two weeks. We offer you an overview of which series and films will be removed from the program and when, sorted by the day of deletion.

Amazon Prime Video: Take the last chance to see these series

In the next 30 days, in addition to “Desperate Housewives” and “Die Nanny”, fan favorites such as “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Taboo” will disappear from the Prime program. Below you will find all of the series that Amazon is taking out of its range. If the exact date has not yet been determined, a hyphen is entered in the table. Amazon will delete these series.

Amazon Prime Video: These films will be deleted

Some films will also be removed from the Prime offer. For example, you have to say goodbye to the “Conjuring” and “Annabelle” series. “Die Wilden Hühner” will also disappear from the program. Below you will find all the titles that will be deleted. The same applies here: If there is a hyphen in front of the title, the date of deletion is not yet known.

Date movie

05/01/2022 47 Meters Down: Uncaged
05/01/2022 What Keeps You Alive
01/06/2022 Eyes Wide Shut
01/06/2022 2040 – we save the world
01/06/2022 Angel – I will find you
01/06/2022 Carthage on fire
07/01/2022 A dog named Beethoven
07/01/2022 Hitler – The last 10 days
07/01/2022 The pirate
07/01/2022 The total chaos
07/01/2022 The heroes of the company
07/01/2022 El Alamein
07/01/2022 The mask of the red death
01/08/2022 Support the girls
01/11/2022 Vivarium
01/11/2022 La La Land
01/12/2022 Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life
01/12/2022 Boys stay boys
01/13/2021 Forbidden Kingdom
01/13/2022 Event Horizon
01/13/2022 The Mothman Prophecies
01/13/2022 First Light – The Chosen One
01/14/2022 Conjuring – The Visitation
01/14/2021 The spy next door
01/14/2022 Annabelle
01/14/2022 Conjuring 2
01/14/2022 Annabelle 2
01/15/2022 Love between the seas
01/15/2022 Terminator: Genisys
01/16/2022 Papillon
01/16/2022 The wild chickens
01/16/2022 The wild chickens and life
January 16, 2021 The wild chickens and love
01/17/2022 Cunning stunts
01/17/2022 Alfie
01/18/2022 Anderson Falls – A cop on the brink
You don’t kiss mistletoe
Sense, sensuality and a snowman
Christmas in Rome
Like a single day
war of the Worlds
Primal – The hunt is on
Fist Light – The Chosen
Mullewapp – The great cinema adventure of friends
10 Cloverfield Lane
Orgullo Pasión y Gloria.
Robbi, Tobbi and the Fliewatüüt
Whispers of grass
Jupiter’s moon
Last Christmas
The legend of the christmas star
Honest Thief
Many greetings from Santa Claus
Five Star Christmas
Christmas Waltz
A bride for Christmas
A Santa Claus for Mia
Fireman Sam – Suddenly a movie hero
Unfriend (2016)
Girl on the train
Ocean’s 8
My devilishly good friend
Silent Night – A true Christmas story
Pitch Perfect – The stage is ours
Pitch Perfect 2
Fireman Sam – The great fire of Pontypandy
1162 – The battle for Taian
What happens when it has happened
IT (2017)
Metallica – Orgullo Pasión y Gloria. Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México
Prestige – master of magic
Heroes in the Storm
Love on prescription
Home – A smectacular trip
Attention aliens!
The professor
A dog saves the Christmas holidays
The usual suspects
Jay & Silent Bob Reboot
My All-American
My blind date with life
Hentai Kamen 2 – Abnormal Crisis
The conjuring
Michael Caine: My Generation
Women Without Men
Fixed – Small cut, big panic
sense of family
Blind fear
Paris undercover
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Amazon will delete these films. But Amazon also provides series and film supplies. Our overview reveals which new releases await you on Amazon Prime Video. You can also read with us which films and series are new to the Netflix program. If you are still undecided which new series to start, you can browse our Amazon Prime Video recommendations. Those who like to stream on the go will be pleased that it is possible to download titles from Amazon Prime Video. You can find out how to watch Amazon Prime series and films offline in our linked guide. If you want to know how much the Amazon Prime membership costs and what the price of the streaming competitor Netflix is, you will also find the answers here.



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