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Amazon Shows Fire TV “Hack”: Old Tube TVs With Prime Video


Certainly, there are not many old biggies in use in Germany yet – in addition to high energy costs and poor picture reproduction, this is mainly because the old devices cannot stream and have so little to offer. It doesn’t have to be. At least, it seems that way, because Amazon Germany has now shown in a short video on YouTube that even an old television set can run with Amazon Prime Video.

The spot, which lasts only 22 seconds, shows a retro living room with an old TV wall, in which a TV is small by today’s standards. In the video, Nordmende’s device shows the Amazon Prime Video home page, with a selection of different series and movies. Nordmende was a popular TV and radio manufacturer from Bremen that went bankrupt in the late 1980s. The television that can be seen in the video has now been polished for the short commercial by Amazon and equipped with the internet. Amazon shows old Nordmende tube TV with Prime Video

“Secret project” to laugh about

Amazon has not officially listed the video, so you can only see it if you know the link to the video. It’s still unclear what this “secret project” is about, as the company hasn’t revealed much about what you can see in the short video.

It just says:

“A Nordmende television from 1984 shows that even a tube television can become smart. Germany’s perhaps oldest Smart TV became Internet-compatible via a SCART connection, an adapter, and thanks to the Fire TV Stick. Upgrade instead of converting is the motto! ” Whether this craft project is so easy to implement and what the ominous adapter is all about, unfortunately, remains in the dark. That would be practical, of course, even if the pixelated photo certainly wouldn’t be too nice.


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