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Amazon Wants to Make ‘Lord of the Rings’ into a TV Series

Amazon Studios has been busy with exploring the idea about duplicating Games of Thrones—HBO’s successful series. It appears that the firm got lucky and cracked upon a solution which is of making a TV series of The Lord of the Rings—a J.R.R. Tolkien’s story.

As per reports Amazon is under discussion with Warner Bros presently. The talks are in very early stages. It seems an important thing for Amazon as Jeff Bezos its CEO is himself taking an active part in the negotiations.

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Amazon Studios found itself in midst of unexpected transitions. Bezos, earlier this year was said to be involved with the creative directions of the studio and directed the task of finding high-profile stories that may be an instant hit across the globe.

Last month, one of the executives of Amazon Studios Roy Price resigned because of some sexual harassment accusations, which further led to the additional resignations of multiple employees resulting in the reshuffling of the executive positions within the studio.

A series on Lord of the Rings would be most suited to follow the global appeal that Games of Thrones has captured. The story of the Lord of the Rings revolves around a boy Frodo Baggins who is given the task of destroying a Ring in hopes of saving the world of Middle-earth. The book series has been made into movies, with the maximum critically and commercially successful version of three films by Peter Jackson.

This project has high chances of bringing significant attention and worldwide viewership to Amazon Studios.

The Lord of the Rings would definitely be checking out all the categories Games of Thrones cover like imagination, fantasy, adventure, and thrills. It is also important to mention that the books are not filled with this much violence and romanticism that the HBO’s show is famous for presenting.

One other advantage the Ring series has is, its book series has completely launched so that would ease and assist in making the TV series much easier.

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