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Google Served Employees a Real Version of Android’s Emoji Cheeseburger

In Seattle today at the Google office something referred to as “Android burger” was presented to the employees. The difference between this served burger and any other burger is that the cheese slice was placed on top of the lower bun below the beef patty. This burger was exactly alike of the controversial emoji Android burger.


Earlier this week Android’s emoji cheeseburger triggered a controversy relating the exact placement of the ingredients of any cheeseburger. Android’s emoji cheeseburger was targeted because of its different placement of the contents inside the burger. The whole issue kept the social idea alive and active and people enjoyed participating by giving their inputs.

Nothing much is known about the taste of the served burgers but from looks, it appears good. Cheese looks melted which is a good indication but still, it cannot be said that whether this supersedes Apple’s cheeseburger or not. The top bun, however, looks hard and unappealing, but everybody has a different opinion.

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Relating the uproaring controversy last week Sundar Pichai—Google’s CEO mentioned that if people could come up with a mutual decision about the method of properly preparing and presenting the cheeseburger then he would address the issue and would do something about it. It seems he joked at that time and was not serious.

Anyway, Google gets to replace the emoji of the cheeseburger or not, it for sure earned a lot of publicity and hype just because of one small emoji. Now people like me who were previously unknowing about the differences in cheeseburger emojis of various apps now know it well.

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