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An App for Journaling and Mood Tracking Will Be Part of the iOS 17

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It is expected that Apple will introduce the iOS 17 update in June. According to a recent report from Mark Gurman, the iOS 17 update will bring a devoted journaling app. The Wall Street Journal mentioned Apple’s development of a journaling app in April, but it was unclear if iOS 17 would include it at the time. However, Gurman states that the app will be a part of the iOS 17 update. With this app, iPhone users will be able to take notes on their iPhones. It will bring on a stronger social element.

Besides this, there is no information about this app in the report. However, the report from The Wall Street Journal indicates that the app will enable users to monitor their daily activities and tasks. The company will provide the users with different topics to write like a meeting or a workout. When a user is near other people, an “All Day People Discovery” feature will be able to tell them. Users’ text messages, phone calls, and other notifications will be tracked by the app, but privacy will be prioritized, and everything will be done on-device.

The new Journaling app seems to be a health-related scheme. It will examine each user’s normal day and may work with a mood-tracking function. Apple is also working on a mood-tracking feature for iOS 17. Users of the emotion monitoring app will be able to monitor their moods, provide answers to day-to-day queries, and analyze trends over time.

With these two new features, the company will be introducing the health app to the iPad for the first time. iPad users will be able to monitor their health-related data even when an ‌iPhone‌ is unavailable. Besides the recent efforts by Apple, several third-party app developers like Day One have already introduced journaling platforms for iOS devices. Based on the available information, it appears that Apple is offering something similar to already available options.

This information about Apple’s Journaling App broke out in April. Day One stated that it is “excited” that journaling will now be accessible to a larger audience thanks to Apple and that it has plans to make sure the Day One app “remains the very best option” for individuals who are interested in writing.