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A bug is causing interruption in texting between iPhone and Android

There is already so much chaos going on between Android and iPhone. Other than that, there are issues going on beyond what we can see. As per information via 9to5Mac, a bug is causing interruptions in texting between Android and iPhone users.

Either you’re an Android user or an iPhone user, don’t just reach the conclusion yet; this isn’t an issue limited to a single app; it might be a carrier issue.

iPhone and Android texting is facing breakage due to a bug

This issue about trouble texting between iPhone and Android was reported by many users on Reddit. This issue is being faced by those communicating through AT&T. The bug is affecting when you send a message from your Android device. iPhone users will be able to receive it, but with an additional digit at the start of the number along with a + sign that will make it appear like an international number.

This will make a separate window box other than the original window. By texting back to this message, iPhone users will face an error suggesting this number is invalid. However, Android users will still be able to receive the text saying it’s from an invalid number.

Users of AT&T have reported the issue thus far, but we’re not sure if it solely affects AT&T. For all we know, this might also have an impact on other carriers. This seems to happen specifically when the Android user is using AT&T. Any carrier is acceptable for iPhone users.

Since AT&T may be adding an extra digit when transferring from an Android phone to an iPhone, this could be a problem. AT&T has not yet offered any comments on this matter.

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