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Android 11 to Reportedly Launch on September 8th


It has been reported that the update to the mobile operating system of Google, Android 11 is launching on 8th September. In a slide, during a video for the  “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit of the company, the date was displayed.

It can be seen at almost the 18-minute mark, the “checklist for September 8th Android 11 launch”. It can be seen right at the top of the slide.

Michele Turner Sr. Director, Google Smart Home Ecosystem of said, We’re launching everywhere on September 8th”.  She said this while talking about the new power menu of Android 11 that provides easier access to smart home controls and toggles.

Google launched the first public beta of Android 11, last month. The company stated that it will be officially launched later in the third quarter. On September 3rd, 2019 Android 10 rolled out. So 8th September, the launch of Android 11 would be in line with the usual timeline of Google.

There have been a few improvements to Android 11 which includes revamped notifications that provide the messaging apps with their very own “conversations section.” Furthermore, the update also has native screen recording and “bubbles” that are located on top of other apps. They allow users to return to chat easily. The media controls in the quick settings have been redesigned as well.

Nicole Craig

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