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Android 12L Beta 2 now available for Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

Android 12 is still rolling out to many phones and tablets, but Google is already in the middle of working on the next major version, Android 12L. The upcoming update is primarily aimed at foldables and tablets, and since Google doesn’t make Android tablets anymore (RIP Pixel C), the main tablet test device has been the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. Two weeks after the Android 12L Beta 2 arrived on Pixel phones, the release is finally available to install on the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro.The Lenovo developer website now has a firmware image available to flash for Android 12L Beta 2, which should be similar to what is already available on Pixel devices. The image clocks in at 1.7GB, and the installation process is identical to Beta 1 on the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. Lenovo says the build includes the Decemeber 2021 security patch level.Android 12L Beta 2 includes a finalized version of the new APIs, which means there will only be minor differences (and no new features for apps) between Beta 2 and the final public release. It fixes a few bugs discovered on the first beta, such as broken toast messages and a misaligned clock on the lock screen. There were no significant changes from the first beta.Google said when Android 12L Beta 2 was released, “this is the time to begin final testing and development work needed to ensure that a compatible version of your app will be ready for users getting this update. 12L will have a standard API level (API level 32) at this time. With the final APIs, it’s also time to shift focus to final compatibility testing and release your updated apps to users and downstream developers. You can also build with the final APIs and refine any new code that is using the new APIs or features.”