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Android 13 Tiramisu New First Look

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The latest version of the mobile operating system from Google has been available since autumn, Android 12 also brings many new features with it – even if these are not loved by everyone. Now there is a first leak about what the Californians are planning with regard to Android 13.

Android 13 is codenamed Tiramisu. This has not been an official name for a while, however, the desserts are still used internally to describe new versions of the mobile operating system. The renowned developer site XDA has now been able to find initial information on how tiramisu will “taste”. This is of course only a first (small) preview of the future and of course, a lot can still come or change.

Individual app languages

In any case, one innovation is likely to be that the language of an app can be individually adapted in the future. So far, only one language can be selected across the device, but anyone who prefers a certain application in a certain version cannot “fine-tune” it. But that will be possible in Android 13, as XDA shows in the first pictures.

Less notification spam

Google will also continue to improve notifications in Android 13. The company from Mountain View, California, wants to limit the number of notifications. Because although there are already ways to curb this kind of spam, many users simply don’t know-how.

In the future, Google will tighten the “corset” for notifications significantly, namely because apps will not have any general permission to send notifications via push from the start. Rather, apps will have to explicitly ask for permission before they can even send a notification.

Longer battery life

The third innovation that has now become known (or the possibility to do so) is called “The Android Resource Economy”, or TARE for short. This feature focuses on the device’s energy consumption management, more specifically through the AlarmManager and JobScheduler policies. This is essentially another attempt to improve the power consumption of Android devices and extend the runtime.

There are also some minor improvements, including new layouts for the lock screen clock, in Android 13 more customization should be possible, including keeping the clock display in the top left corner, which currently only comes when notifications are on the lock screen are displayed.