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Baidu Will Self Driving Cars Production By 2023

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So far, autonomous cars have usually been prototypes with which experience and training hours for integrated AI systems can be gathered. But that should change soon, Baidu has presented plans to start mass production.

The Chinese search engine operator has been working with the car manufacturer Geely on corresponding vehicles for some time. As CEO Robin Li announced at the Baidu Create in-house conference, a concept model will be presented in the first half of 2022. On this basis, “auto-robots” will then follow in 2023, which will be mass-produced, reports the Reuters news agency.

The two partners had made their way into the world of autonomous cars at a rapid pace. The JiDU joint venture was only founded in March of this year. Important development successes have been achieved at record speed and prototypes of the self-driving AI and a cockpit for autonomous vehicles have already been presented.

Level 5 in sight

Li announced that the first product, due to hit the market in 2023, should master level 4 autonomous driving. At this level of automation, the vehicle can basically operate completely independently, but there can be particularly complex situations in which the occupants take over driving. If they do not want that, the car must at least be able to independently reach a safe position such as a parking lot.

However, Baidu already has the technology for level 5 vehicles ready. This is then likely to be used in future generations. This then makes vehicles possible that operate completely autonomously and no longer have any other control devices. For example, they can be used to operate autonomous taxi fleets and the like. can be used.