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Android 13 Would Let Multiple Carriers On One eSIM

A software developer claims that Android 13 makes a big leap in using multiple networks on a single device. This should make it possible to use multiple network operators with one eSIM. However, a new chip may be required for use. Based on the report of a senior developer of espers the upcoming Android 13 will finally support Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP). The new feature allows a single eSIM in the Android smartphone to switch between different network profiles without the need for a second eSIM or an additional SIM card slot.

Rumors about the support have been around for a long time, Google already registered a similar patent in 2020 about dividing the SIM interface into two digital connections. This time, however, we learn how Google will implement the feature on its Android operating system.

Advantages of eSIM over standard SIM card slot

Technically, implementing Multiple Enabled Profiles in a smartphone is a complex solution for chip manufacturers and network operators. It may also require a new chipset that supports MEP on eSIM. However, the benefits of this feature are many as the space for the physical card slot would be eliminated and the compatibility of SIM card sizes would finally end. However, a disadvantage of eSIMs is that additional steps and validations are required when exchanging mobile numbers and switching devices. Switching to a device with a physical SIM card is slightly more convenient.