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Tesla Customers reported quality issues with Model Y

Apparently, Tesla still has quality issues with production at the new plant in Grnheide near Berlin, at least to a limited extent. For example, customers who have already received a Model Y from the new factory report that their vehicles arrived with some cosmetic imperfections. According to the blog TeslaMag (through golem) some buyers reported that their new Tesla Model Y from the Brandenburg factory had some flaws. According to Twitter posts and reports from buyers, the body parts sometimes do not fit completely flat or protrude, similar to what is known from previous vehicles from Tesla’s main factory in Fremont, California.

Musk warned earlier of quality problems

Elsewhere, it is reported that a vehicle has been delivered with numerous minor scratches in the new paint. Customers received their vehicles shortly before the end of the first quarter, i.e. at the end of March. Some are now speculating that Tesla could have manufactured the vehicles with less demanding quality assurance to deliver them in time for the quarter’s end.

Only in this way were they included in the statistics on the delivery figures of the last quarter, which are important for the share price of the group. At the moment, however, the Grnheide plant is probably still in the ramp-up process, ie a gradual increase in production quantities and an optimization of the necessary processes. As with other manufacturers, there may be fluctuations in the quality of the vehicles during this period. Tesla boss Elon Musk made this point about a year ago when he announced that customers with a keen interest in the perfect quality of their vehicles would have to wait to purchase while production at a new company location was ramped up.

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