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Android 14 will bring auto-confirm unlock with Beta 2 version

A smartphone’s lock screen is a main source of protection for your phone from the eyes of others. The lock screen provides a variety of methods to keep your phone secure. Fingerprints and PINs are stated to be a more secure way of keeping your device protected. Although the passwords shouldn’t be that messy as to irritate us in some way, To make it a bit easier for you, Google is making PIN unlock on Android a little more convenient.

Even a slightly more secure alternative like a PIN can be broken if someone is looking over your shoulder, despite the clear fact that optical face unlock can be tricked with a photo of the device owner. Longer PIN codes make this task more difficult; therefore, Android 14 Beta 2 leaps directly to your most recently used app or home screen once you input the last digit of a PIN with at least six digits. Every time you unlock your phone, you can save a few seconds because you don’t have to touch Enter to input the PIN that you typed in.

Android 14 will save you a tap while entering your password

The aptly named “auto-confirm unlock functionality was first noticed in Android 14 DP2, which was released in March of this year, but it wasn’t yet operational. Auto-confirm unlock is reported to be functional on the most recent version of Android, 14 Beta 2, according to Android specialist Mishaal Rahman, even if the actual toggle to enable it is still out of sight and needs to be sent via ADB command. A previous screenshot of the settings toggle states that auto-confirm is marginally less safe than pressing the button each time, but the longer PIN, which should be more difficult to guess, more than makes up for this security risk.

Along with that functional improvement, there are also some tweaks coming to the lock screen. The dot animation that appears while entering your pin is updated with some of the latest animations. Each dot will display a different shape with each entering digit.

With Android 14 Beta 2, Pin will become a bit more convenient with some visual improvements. Although we can hope for the toggle to be more accessible with the future update, Along with that, it’s a better idea to keep your pins longer and safer with passkeys. And if this isn’t enough for you, you can switch to the “Enhanced PIN Privacy” toggle, which will make the animations disappear while typing your password and keep it safer from someone sneaking over your password.

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