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Android App Leaked Personal Data of 31 Million Users

Popular Android app virtual keyboard Ai.Type has reportedly revealed its 31 million users data online according to the security researchers at Kromtech Security Center. A large cache of customer files and personal information has leaked online and are publicly available. Researchers said they were able to access the data and personal details of roughly 31,293,959 users.

According to the details, the database server of the app was compromised, the developers were unable to secure the server properly. Eitan Fitusi has reportedly owned the server co-founder of Israeli startup Ai.Type. The company develops personalized keyboards for both iOS and Android devices and for mobiles and tablets.

Researchers at the security center said, “Ai.Type has accidentally exposed their 577GB Mongo-hosted database to anyone using internet connection.  MongoDB is a common platform used by many companies to store data but a simple mistake can reveal all the data to online users. A major flaw is that the default settings of MongoDB database would allow anyone with an internet connection to access the database, download it or even destroy it.

The leaked information on the internet reportedly contains the information including full name, phone number, SMS number, Mobile network details, user languages enabled, Android version, Screen resolution IMSI number which is (International mobile subscriber identity used for interconnection), IMEI number (a unique cellular id of the mobile phone), emails of the phone, country, social media profiles information, IP and location details.

Around 6,435,813 records contained data retrieved from users which contained their entire contact list including names, phones numbers and roughly 373 million records contained data contacts data form synced Google account.

The old database was placed in a folder which had 753,456 records is also available online according to the report. According to the researchers, the leaked data also contained some other statistics such as most popular user’s, Google queries, the age of the users, average messages per day, words/sessions/ per day etc.