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Android O tests out PiP for Whatsapp

Google’s Android O has been all the talk of the tach community. This up and coming new Google OS is reputed to have loads of elements and updates. Starting right now, it is just accessible in beta adaptation. One of the intriguing elements which the Android O house is PiP also known as Picture-in-Picture. The Android O will bring about other compatible features as well. Easy to navigate and user interface are just one of the many.

Right now, the Android O has sent help of PiP for WhatsApp beta adaptation 2.17.265 for Android, empowering the users to bring in PiP mode. Essentially, the element let one limit video call window into a littler window. This brings about the user availability to answer another discussion or to chip away at something else.

Android O is claimed to give more privacy encryption to the users

It would be worth specifying here that starting at now this PiP include is empowered as a matter of course in rendition 2.17.265 of the WhatsApp Android beta.

You can download WhatsApp beta adaptation 2.17.265 here.

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Moreover, just as of late WhatsApp has refreshed its app, enabling the users to send any kind of documents through the texting app. Prior to the update users would undoubtedly send a restricted kind of documents. These for example included PDFs, Word archives, spreadsheets, and slides yet now users can even send different sorts of documents, for example, APKs.

In addition, it has likewise taken off two intriguing updates for its clients which incorporates changing the text style of a word and discovering emojis in the application without any difficulty. Aside from the updates, web-based social networking organizations WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are likewise packing up for a cross-application notice inclusion.

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