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Samsung’s releasing their own version of airpods


Samsung might be taking a shot at its own variant of Apple AirPod like headphones. These headphones may accompany the Galaxy Note 8, which is set to hit market on August 23. The Samsung’s new headphones will be controlled by Bixby, Samsung’s brilliant assistant that accompanied the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The new headphones will likewise highlight noise reduction innovation. They will be remote, much the same as the Apple AirPod and could be as broad as the AirPod.

Samsung’s been one of the major players in the consumer entertainment market

As specified, the new headphones will be controlled by Bixby. Be that as it may, recently launched Bixby has not a great deal of users when contrasted with Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant for the present. Samsung may need to enhance Bixby and get more footing before they launch more gadgets controlled by it.

However, rumors have it that Samsung will launch the Bixby powered headphones first in its homeland. We might expect something in English or other major languages later on in the year. This provides Samsung with the opportunity to test out the pods before they hit major market. It also gives room for improvement on the product. Before competing with others there is a need to establish a firm ground for product placement. This Samsung lacks in the airpod market right now.

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Already, a Samsung’s smart speaker powered by Bixby was likewise in gossipy tidbits however those bits of gossip appear to be blurring ceaselessly with time. The Bixby smart speaker was intended to match Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Home Pod speaker. In different reports, Alibaba is additionally taking a shot at a smart speaker which will give clients a chance to arrange items from its site.

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