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Android users might be charged $4 to use snapchat’s dark mode


The idea of disappearing messages, pictures, and videos was rooted in Snapchat and is being copied by every other platform. These platforms took my idea and implemented it on their platforms. Due to rising competition last year, Snapchat introduced a $3.99/month subscription plan called Snapchat +. This idea revolved around providing these special subscribers with the latest features before they are available to the rest of the audience. The latest feature is being introduced for Android: dark mode.

Dark mode

As per information via 9to5Google, all the information regarding this feature is available to snapchat + subscribers and was attained by Alessandro Palazzi, who has been covering the news regarding implementation of this feature for the past two years. A screenshot clipped along with this information has revealed the app menu regarding the mode that is based on three options, including always dark, always light, or Match system. This feature has been on the way for a while, as Paluzzi already revealed information about it last year in February.

We will see the response of users when the feature is made available to them. As we can’t predict anything just yet, it seems that this feature could be available to premium subscribers immediately. For iPhone users, this update can be accessed through the settings menu under the tab My Account.

As for Android users, it’s pretty unfair to charge them to access this feature as iPhone users can already enjoy it at no cost. As we can hope, this is only for testing the hype of this feature and not to prevent their Android customers from enjoying it at no cost.

In Android 10 in 2019, Google enabled system-wide dark mode, although several apps, including its own, took a while to adapt. Fortunately, third-party programs like DarQ made it possible for almost everyone to join the dark mode train, even though the apps at the time didn’t support it. The best Android phones have the capability to automatically activate the dark theme after sunset and switch back to the light theme at dawn, making dark mode a common feature nowadays.

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