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Snapchat now allows parent a more reliable access to content moderation


As Snapchat updates its features, it’s also aiming to improve its community guidelines. In the latest update of Snapchat, it has introduced a new feature that will give parents strong control over the content their kids are interacting with. This latest feature is named “Content Control,” as it’s pretty easy to access through Family Center settings.

As in today’s world, saving your children from being harmed has become the greatest concern over online platforms. This will surely be a positive step to save the mental health of children. This latest feature will allow parents to regulate the content that is being watched by their children.

However, lawmakers are much concerned over the collection of data and the implementation of serious measures in order to protect children from such content. Snapchat is quite popular among teens, but it’s also providing parents with more effective tools for content moderation.

This latest feature will allow parents to select the stories they don’t want their children to see. Parents can decide all the content moderation themselves without any interruption from the platform.

Snapchat’s Family Center now allows parents access over content moderation

If you want to enable this feature, you need to have an initial setup for Family Center with teens. Following that, they need to select the option of restricting sensitive content in their Family Center settings.

Parents, guardians, responsible adults, and teenagers should use the new tools and guidelines to personalize their Snapchat experiences, the company stated. They should also be equipped to have fruitful talks with others about their online activities.

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