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“Angel” Caught on Camera in Michigan

A Michigan man’s home security camera clicked an image that the man believes to be of an angel hovering above his pickup truck.

Glen Thorman—local fire chief for East Jordan says that his home’s motion sensor security camera captured the photos last Tuesday. In the snapped photos a glowing figure is seen soaring about his pickup truck. The two photos were emailed to him on Wednesday by his security system.

While talking to Inside Edition he said that he was shocked upon seeing this and declared it an angel.

Rhonda—his wife is considering this a sign that her home is blessed.

She informed that they are firm believers. Seeing this pic was an awesome experience and there is no denying that it was an angel.

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The first picture shows a blurry image directly over Thorman’s pickup truck, while the second image shows the figure moving away from it.

Thorman sent the photos to his pastor at Jordan Rivers Church—Deneille Moes, who later then shared them on Facebook.


According to Moes the photos are not edited in any way, they are genuine and were taken by a motion-activated camera.

Social media like always have mixed opinions on the matter after the photos were posted last week.

One Facebook user commented calling the figure definitely an angel.

While another one commented that it appears more like a moth that was clicked when was super close to the camera.

Glen Thorman said that everyone has an opinion. There would be many naysayers who would make fun of this picture, but it is okay.

On the contrary his wife is absolutely sure of the silhouette to be an angel and considers it a true blessing.


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