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ANZ BladePay is going to take the retail and B2B market

ANZ BladePAy

ANZ BladePay is the new mobile payments system that is going to be launched by Australian and KIWI banking group (ANZ). ANZ group has partnered with ThumbzUp which is a startup in South Africa. The core programming services will be provided by this startup.

BladePay is said to be Android based hardware device which can run third-party applications as well, it will be like a fully functional mobile phone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow software, 2 mega pixels front camera, 8 mega pixels rear camera, Barcode scanner, WIFI and 4G enabled.

Fred Ohlsson executive of ANZ group said, “We have found an opportunity to create a platform that can change the way our customers do business”

ANZ already managed to take six vendors on board which are; Shout for Good, NCR, H&L, RedCat, SureFire and Abacus. These companies are in the process of developing customized applications for the device.

Ohlsson appreciated the efforts of vendors and said, “It will make ANZ BladePay standout because of the applications being developed by our vendors” It’s not just a payment solution it’s much more than that, the potential of these applications is unlimited”

All these POS vendors are developing applications which include the features such as; split bill and tipping, email and SMS receipts, staff shift clock-on functions, add bank, order and pay table and many more.


To use BladePay, businesses have to have a merchant account with ANZ and install one of the POS system developed by 6 vendor partners. News have confirmed that the device would be available to hospitality industry first during March next year. The device will be offered to B2B and retail industry after this.



Image via: merchantaccounttimes